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Triveda Fine Arts is an art auction house that seeks to showcase the best of Indian art Established by noted art lover Nina Pillai. Triveda Fine Arts unifies the creative and cultural vision of its founders with the aid of professionals, experts and consultants, to offer rare and unique pieces from India's foremost artistic talent.

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Nina Pillai

Founder and Chairperson

Nina Pillai is an established art collector, the founder and Chairperson of Triveda and widow of the Biscuit King, the late Rajan Pillai of Britannia Industries. She can be frequently seen on television and print media. Nina wrote a column for The Indian Express for seven years. She was a DNA Columnist for one year and has appeared as a panelist on various esteemed news channels.
Nina has been a patron of the arts and culture since the 1980's and more recently through her own venture, Triveda. She has also championed causes related to the Girl Child and the less fortunate. The Works of Aslam Shaikh Curated and Promoted by Nina Pillai from 2008 to date with over 100 works sold.

Krishna R. Pillai


Shiva R. Pillai


Aslam Shaikh

"Truth is One, the sages call it by many names.” - Rig Veda The journey of a curator with an artist is like that of a tree. It grows and sheds leaves, new ones spring up to add to the canopy of consciousness. Aslam Shaikh paints with vigour and tenacity and passion and weaves into his canvasses stories of yesterday and today. His travels between different cities all over the world and Indian cities gives him a unique vision of worship, and lifestyles and cultures. His latest body of work that embraces steeds and stallions and the loved god Ganesha along with a few other metaphoric myth making icons is a tapestry of tensile and tangible translations of life in the modern millennium. When Aslam creates a Lakshmi she is born of today, a contemporary character who is choreographed in a sculptural setting of rare and unique flavour. He paints through the night. When the shades of night fall on the city of Delhi he creates his dancing Ganeshas. They dwell in the sublime shades of moonlight as well as sunrise and sunset. Aslam creates a secular signature in all that he creates-he bridges the great religions of the world with his love for horses and his reverence for all forms of worship and legends of myth. Ganapati is not just the Hindu Lord of Beginnings, the Keeper of the Threshold, the Remover of Obstacles, Master of the Mind, Son of Siva, Elephant-headed, plump, and loveable-he is also an icon of deep mysticism and complexity. These works offer a wide range of references about Ganapati as they relate to such diverse sources as hymns, poems, myths, shrines, practices, and theologies. The art critic Uma Nair with her rich commentaries considers Ganapati’s complexity: his transcendence of sectarian and territorial limits, his delayed but dramatic development into the religious pantheon, his paradoxical mythology, and his physical manifestation, an elephant’s head on a human body. These paintings created in February and July 2018, are like an album of invocations-they are like hymns sung to oneself in their very being and their spirit of benevolence and rare beauty. Whether it is his love for animals or his deep understanding of the plurality of religions and people all over the world, Aslam creates canvasses that foster an understanding from within a tradition. I believe the role of a curator is to present a positive interpretation of materiality within an artist’s sensibility and inspirations- and I believe that this suite of works encourages an inner quest for spiritual truth in a world that needs more emblems of peace and brotherhood.

Aslam Shaikh's continuity as a follower of the ritual splendour of Indian traditions and customs brings him to the forefront of the power of abhinaya or gesture in the entire mood and mannerism of the power and pathos and artistic ideals of an art that has come to be universal. The beauty of cultural markings and the aesthetic of mythic drama brings his works to a counterpoint in crossing cultural boundaries and shedding traditional Hindu boundaries and weaving in the universality of human essence and ethos. Shaikh has a characteristic command over the colours of his palette and the grip of contour. He gives his viewers a spectatorial position in which the character is gleaned through the expressive angst or a series of expressive nuances. These compositions tell us that worship and faith today are a people's art, it is the synthesis of tradition and the fabric of a modern day momentum born of an animated dialogue of the past and the present. Aslam’s new set of works including horses and Ganeshas and various other Hindu Gods and Goddesses are the offset of two distinct series, a continuation of ‘Celestial Horses’ and the vitality of Hindu iconography and lore-they limn the lines of character through the modes of Neo-Classicism and Analytic Cubism into subtle yet sensual explorations of the figure. It is the drama of the being that captures your gaze when you see the strategic long strokes of candour and strength like a homage to the great masters of the figurative domain Delacroix and Velázquez. But Aslam also plays with parallel universes-he uses the tales of legend from Western and Southern Asia and creates lithe Goddesses who are playfully portrayed with the rotund bellied Ganesha sometimes placing him on her knee, sometimes somewhere on the canvas as an element or even as a frontal central subject. Mythic symbolism and wasp-wasted figures become a part of his genre.

Nina Pillai
Chairperson & Curator


Aslam Shaikh is an artist of an exemplary caliber that has exhibited in India, London, Paris and the Middle East. Born 1968 at Kolkata, Bengal, India. He is trained as a professional restorer and conservator of paintings at Nottingham, UK in 1993 - 2000. He appeared for an interview by Payal Singh Mohankar in BBC World, India Business Report 1997. As an NRI he currently resides between London and Kolkata.


  • Duet Exhibition at Gallery La’fayet Paris 2006,
  • Solo Exhibition at Ren’e Millet Art Gallery in Paris and Spain 2006
  • Solo Exhibition at Redfern Gallery Egypt in 2006 and 2007
  • Presented by Russell Art, London Solo exhibition in Abu Dhabi
  • ADNEC U.A.E 2007 and Dubai
  • 2008 Ashni Art Gallery in London
  • 2008, Ren’e Millet Art Gallery in Paris
  • 2008 O’Llga Art Gallery Spain 2008.
  • Bonham’s of London selected his work for the category Islamic and Indian Art for an auction on October 25, 2007 and a second auction of the category on October 6, 2008.
  • For the Souvenir Charity Auction held in London, UK Aslam contributed works along with film-maker Nita Mehta and Sachin Tendulkar who donated his cricket bat to raise the funds for the charity.
  • 2010 Sacred Made Real by Triveda Fine Arts Pvt. Ltd. held at The Oberoi, New Delhi, India.
  • 2011 Horses of Arabia, Media event held by Triveda Fine Arts Pvt Ltd. in which leading media and press representatives and private collectors were invited to witness.
  • Aslam creating a work depicting the battlefield of Kerbala while being filmed live which was accomplished in a matter of 47 minutes.
  • Celestial Horses, VIP preview held at Hotel Trident on 27th September and on display at Jehangir Art Gallery 2nd - 8th August.
  • 2013 Scared Made Real 2 for private collectors.
  • 2014 Celestial Horses 2.
  • 2015 Celestial Horses 3 for private collectors.
  • Live painting and auction at Nina Pillai presents Aslam Shaikh’s Celestial Horses in honour of Sarah, Duchess of York at The Leela Palace New Delhi on 7th November’15.
  • 2016 Divine Rhapsody.
  • Scared Made Real 2 for private collectors.
  • 2017 Live painting.
  • 2017-2019 Large Scale Commission by private collector.
  • 2018 Live painting at the charity dinner held in Kolkata, in aid of the Liver and Cancer Foundation and Safe Drive Save Life on the 27th September 2018 to promote the Clash of the Legends match, FC Barcelona.
  • 2018-2019 Project in India and Arabia.