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Through our ventures in the gallery space we focus on facilitating through curatorial means methods of theoretical application that comprise of a variety of modes of multidisciplinary thought. All of which serve the purpose of providing those artists and facilitators involved the option of eventually expanding their practice or possibly the theoretical and perceptive frame of reference through which they view and place themselves as active participants, serving various facets of this phenomena we call art. Through curatorial means we intend to deconstruct certain given norms both within the preview of the practice of art specific to the individual artists involved and the theoretical mainframe that supports that very practice by positioning the articulation of the same within the context of the general milieu of disciplines in which such ideologies and methodologies exist. The intent of such an application of the curatorial process being on a very intrinsic level, implemented to establish a dialectical framework that shall eventually free those participants from the often canonical, monolithic and dogmatic bracket within which they and their work as either artists or facilitators, tend to be placed.

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