Works by Manoj Vyloor, A. P. Sunil, Santosh Lal Pallath

For over a decade one would observe an emergence of Malayali figurative artists, some of whom use the figurative medium to comment on issues such as foreign policy, communal issues and the urbanization of their home state while juxtaposing the same with literary and cinematic themes. As the title suggests each artist included tends to comment on different aspects the aforementioned issues and themes coming to their own individual opinions, which are often informed by the literature, and cinema that inspires them as artists, adopting symbolic attributes of the same in their compositions. These threads binding each work on display as well as acting to communicate a common impetus that drives each individual artist to speak through their work, arising through this figurative medium, a medium though which such material may be in some cases transmuted and in others directly transcribed in a purity that may not be as well suited to other creative forms.



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