In this work Aslam displays in quintessence, his mastery over his subject: The Horse, which has through the ages symbolised power and godliness. It was recognised as being one with the will, heart and soul of the noble rider upon it, at once, symbiotically making King and Horse one in symbolism. The pallete reflects this awe and respect to his subject, vibrant reds and yellows juxtaposed with more austere ochres and blue/greys, denoting the sheer life force balanced with the imperial stature of the equine class of being, both on mortal and heavenly plains. These horses are more than mere steeds, but are rather akin in oneness to a power descending in blessings from above. The horse is so powerfully depicted through sweeping strokes and fine imagery that they seem to speak to a higher power of the trials and tribulations of the world we inhabit, overcoming all as an ode to victory over adversity, to life itself. This is the mystical aspect that leaves a lasting impression as myth, beauty, power, form and perfect harmony.

Celestial Horses ll
Medium: Acrylic on Canvas
60 x 72 inches