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"Though London-based Aslam Shaikh's first solo show in India is called ""Sacred Made Real"", the title of ""Kerala Celebrated"" could have worked for it equally fine, albeit a bit direct and simple. Organised by Nina Pillai's Arts and Auction House, Triveda Fine Arts, the exhibition, after all, is an obeisance to the God's Own Country. And how?"

"In his 20 acrylic laden, 12 feet canvases, Shaikh tries to entice viewers through various performing art traditions of Kerala - Pulikali, Kathakali, Theyyam, Mohiniattam and Koodiyattam. The repertoire goes on to include temples, village womenfolk and gods and goddesses."
"The exhibition opens only for a day at The Oberoi on August 19. The opening itself, Nina promises, will be a spectacular event with chenda players, Kathakali dancers and guests wearing traditional mundus, gold-bordered saris and angavastrams."
"Shaikh, born and brought up in Kolkata and now based in London, saw Kerala through the eyes of Nina and her young son Krishna. Taking one through the works displayed at her palatial house in Anand Niketan, Nina, the show curator, says, ""I never felt that the true essence of my home State Kerala has ever been captured by any artist. I didn't want the same old coconut trees, boats etc...To people outside, everybody down South is a South Indian. To create an identity, I wanted an absolutely fresh imagery."" So, Nina and her son showed him photographs and videos on Kerala and told him various myths and legends associated with various festivals and how they are celebrated. Shaikh stayed put at Nina's house and created the body of work under their guidance."
"""For instance, I told him about Heramba Ganesha, another form of the Elephant God popular in the South. There is very little information about it on the Net and he created the Ganesha riding a tiger. The God has a golden aura and also carried a bow but taking artistic liberty, Shaikh has made the tiger's tail in the form of a bow,"" says Krishna. The works abound in dynamism, energy and movement."
"Elsewhere too, Shaikh has given artistic twist to the traditional theme without being irreverent to the culture or the religion. ""For his work of Lord Vishnu meditating on Sheshnag, he shows goddess Lakshmi residing in his heart or in the 'Pulikalli', where he has portrayed a Kathakali dancer exiting the scene for Pulikalli dancers to take the centre stage. The work follows the canvases he has made on Kathakali."" Pulikalli is a popular folk dance form, in which men"
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2018 Kolkata Events

Painting Auction

Live painting at the charity dinner held in Kolkata, in aid of the Liver and Cancer Foundation and Safe Drive Save Life on the 27th September 2018 to promote the Clash of the Legends match, FC Barcelona Legends vs Mohan Bagun Legends.

2017 Soiree

Live Painting Session

At an art soirée at the home of Nina Pillai along with her sons Krishna and Shiva, Aslam Shaikh performed live the work Raging Steed in a matter of just 30 minutes. The evening was co-hosted by the Consul General of the Bahamas Ashish Saraf and hence the gathering had other eminent consular members from France, Germany, Spain and other nations. Rekha and Aroon Purie, Atul and Sonu Wasan, Sunita Agarwal, Pragati and Deepak Gupta were amongst the seventy odd guests who witnessed Aslam paint a large canvas of a magnificent horse from sketch to finished work in no more than half an hour, to the accompanying sitar and tabla ensemble. The other recent works of Aslam Shaikh were displayed at the finale, with a dramatic unveiling of eight works, which left the guests awed by the sheer talent of this prodigious artist. The event was highly appreciated as an art soirée rarely seen as how a work is created was in full display from start to finish!

2015 Live Painting Charity Event

Delhi's Date with a Duchess

Dusk descended at the Leela Palace Delhi as collector and art aficionado Nina Pillai gathered together people of vintage and youthful vitality to create an evening to match the spirit of Deepawali. The Gala Evening hosted by Vivek Nair of the Leela Hotels, Air India, Nina Pillai and robust charity organizations had also the presence of British Royalty in the Duchess of York Sarah. An authoress of books a keen activist for the girl child and a host of other philanthropic works dressed in a moody indigo tulle skirt and peplum blouse she was the picture of grace. While she went around shaking hands with beautiful Indian women and savvy men it was an evening that reflected the swish of silk and the tinkle of glasses. At the far end of the opulent Banquet Hall was a large canvas waiting to be celebrated by the famed London and Dubai artist Aslam Shaikh who is known for his Picassoic horses that virtually burst through a storm of shades in colour tones. As people poured in for the heady evening Aslam Shaikh took his place and started painting live. The room was full of horse lovers and art lovers. The Duchess attended the HVR Baroda Polo Cup hosted by Asha Raje Gaekwad & Harshavardhan Reddy at Jaipur Polo Grounds Delhi in the afternoon. Hostess Nina kept the crowd awed by her eloquence and worthy causes. For anyone deeply interested in horses, and the spirit that drives them, Aslam creates a series of images and variations -- and more variations -- based on the body and facets of horses in the haunts of history. It is also an invaluable commentary on form following feeling, which highlights Aslam's powers of invention and reinvention. Think back of the tales of yore of master and horse and valour and victory, the narrative of grief in the story of Karbala and other stories are borne of an almost architectural grandeur and an emotional reality beyond realism. In the coming together of more the contours and the energy of the spirit suddenly, Aslam’s painterly fusion of Cubism's multiple viewpoints with Surrealism's embrace of the irrational enticed and recalled Picasso’s Guernica. But that formal synthesis of the Cubist idiom has been undertaken for decidedly deep spiritual purposes. Here was a white horse that leapt out of the scarlet storm. In 35 minutes the canvas was a masterpiece of energy and vitality. “I love painting horses,” said Aslam Shaikh, “I have been painting as many as 3-5 paintings a day.” Hostess Nina Pillai went onto state: “Horses are as old as civilization”. The Upanishads contain detailed descriptions of horses and cattle. The Garudapurana contains life-histories of fishes and turtles. There are also religious books dedicated to a specific animal. Nagamahdimya, Nandi-purdoa, Mayiratrahimya and Pashu-puriltia are only a few of them. A trio of musicians played golden oldies as the horse stirred in robust resonance. Hostess Nina Pillai gifted the piece de resistance of the evening to Sarah Duchess of York who gushed with pleasure and went rhapsodic. The Gala Evening was credited to distinguished Charities.