In this deeply significant work, as Lord Lakshman is wounded by the enemy, Lord Hanuman is called upon to get the leaves of the Sanjeevani tree, a necessary ingredient in the poultice needed for him to recover from his otherwise fatal wounds. In his urgency to save his Lord’s beloved brother, unable to find just one variety of herbs among countless, with his might he picks up the whole mountain and brings it to the healer from the other end of the subcontinent. With this act of valour not just a Lord, Lakshman but many fallen monkey warriors are saved. Aslam’s deep understanding of the ancient scripture is brought to canvas in this glorious work which has a pathos woven into it. The gravity defying Lord Hanuman seemingly floats weightless, yet is carrying a whole mountain in his hand. The hues of lilac and purple encompassed by white give a lightness to the work while the blues and reds give the work a gravitas. The composition is intricate yet bold, strong yet soft and all these elements transport one to the great tome, the Ramayana. This is one of many heroic tales of Lord Hanuman that display that he is the greatest, bravest most loyal subject of the realm but is yet selfless and humble. This work is executed with powerful strokes and gentle details to bring the viewer to look at the many aspects of both the work; it’s literary and philosophical connotations and Aslam’s creative genius.


Acrylic on Canvas
38 x 60 inches

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