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If you have Art collections and inherited heirlooms they represent part of your overall wealth and until you have a professional opinion of their value you cannot make informed decisions about their place in your portfolio and their protection.

Triveda provide three types of valuation:

  • For current market value
    This will give you an idea of the realisable value of your asset. Here values are based on auction values in India. Occasionally owners have sold at what they considered was a 'great price' only to discover later that the item was actually worth several times more!
  • For Insurance
    Here we value your collection on the basis of what it would cost to replace in the event of a total loss. Obviously values are higher than for current market and don't reflect realisable sale prices
  • For the purpose of family division
    If a collection is to be broken up among family members such a valuation will help to ensure a fair division

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